Introducing: The Scene View Picker

Assigning references via the scene in Unity

Are you an organized worker? Have you ever organized your scene hierarchy so hard that everything makes a lot of sense, but you can’t easily find that one object? That little bastard. It’s right there in the scene view, I’m looking at it.

Has this ever happened to you?

The Solution

Introducing: the Scene View Picker. It’s a PropertyDrawer for UnityEngine.Object that adds a handy button next to all references in your script that allows you to assign a reference from the scene view.

It’s particularly useful for UI but it works for references of all types

Extra Features

Sometimes the object you’re looking for is surrounded by other objects that would be equally valid. In that case you can Middle-Click to select nearby objects from a dropdown.

One of its more obscure features but it’s proven very useful in some of our projects.

In Conclusion

It’s free, very convenient and best of all: it’s plug-and-play. All your custom scripts (save perhaps for the ones with dodgy editor scripts that don’t use serialized properties) will now have this handy little button.

It’s on the Open Unity Package Manager (OpenUPM) and also available on GitHub.

I highly recommend it, and if you have any ideas on how to improve it feel free to open a Pull Request.